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Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Lone Star

I made a lone star quilt ages ago in a workshop with Irene Carrig. Mine was in blue, yellow, red, with applique in the corners. A few weeks ago I ran a Big Star Day with Penny, and one of the quilts we did was a lone star. I got intrigued with this quilt all over again, but was thinking of using 8 fabrics instead of 6, and not attempted to blend them at all.

 I chose these 8 fabrics, at randon sort of, just that they looked good together, and there was light and dark.  All sliced up into strips of 2 1/2"
 You then have to sew 4 sets of strips, with 8 fabrics in each,   This is set 1
Set 2
 Set 3

Set 4

you then have to cut them up, 16 of each set, at 45degree angle.  this is the tricky part - keeping then straight.

I find they are more stable if turned face down.  Use the cutting board and ruler angle to get them right.

Here I have one piece layed out to sew

All sewn together, and pressed.  Pretty eh?

Half of the quilt is completed and I am really happy how it looks.  See, random is ok!!

Now, I have to decide what to put in the corners.  Do I do some excellent applique?  Or stunning hand quilting?  The squares will be about 23", so a lot of space to fill in.  First I have to work out what fabric to use, and I was kind of thinking of a toile, or a tone on tone, then I could do either the applique or quilting, depends on how I feel about it once completed.


  1. beautiful, there are so many antique quilts you can look at for inspiration!
    I like the idea of doing some beautiful hand quilting design , even a big basket of flowers, in each corner on a toile
    I have never made one of these yet...now I just may have to!

  2. Wow you made that look SO easy! And beautiful.

  3. OMG, I was thinkging how great this was going to look when I saw your strip sets, but it's even better now that you have it sewn together. WOW. As for the corners? Both ideas are great but if you use a print then your hand quilting won't show up so much. Can't wait to see what you do with it! I have one that needs to be appliqued in the corners or quilted and called done! It's on my list for this winter.

  4. The color choices you made for the strip sets is excellent. And the Lone Star going together so well. That pattern scares so many people.

  5. Beautiful, and you make it sound not-so-hard! You'll know the right background when you see it, but I love the idea of a toile.

  6. The lone star is not hard, but it can be tricky! The hard part is making sure you get that angle right, then putting in the corners. It is all the bias edges that can distort.

  7. Wendy this is one of my favorite patterns it is so friendly with the value of fabrics you may plan a layout but it is not what it comes out like it always comes out better..LOL
    I made one of these last year but with 32 colors the pattern was from Minick and Simpson in the American patchwork mag. there was one large in the middle then you made smaller ones for the corners and sides and then the lemoyne for the filler blocks.
    I love your fabrics you are choosing it is great fun if you are interested TQS site is currently airing Y seams tutorials