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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Australian Quilt Market

I have had a very busy week.  Friday we had another Big Star Day at MacLaren Vale, then Saturday, Penny and I went on an early flight to Melbourne for our first time visit to the Australian Quilt Market.

We arrived at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre around 10.30 am and started walking, and did not stop until, hmmm, maybe 8pm!

Lots of new productions on display, new fabrics, and gadgets.  I am a gadget girls and Penny is the fabric queen.  We bought some of everything I think.  I have ordered new products and will have them on my website shortly.

 We did get to stop for coffee  -  well it was lunch time before we stopped.  The food was a chicken hamburger and coffee.  Very good.

 I really liked the look of this booth.  Loved all the red and whites.  In fact, I think it was the nicest one I saw

 Here we are at Sue Daley's Patchwork with Busy Fingers.  I have a number of these patterns on my website for sale.  the one on the RHS is the Antique Sampler.  This is also available as a BOM and I am considering doing that.

 Another shot of the Antique Sampler

 This beautiful quilt is made from Moda fabrics.  I am busting to get my hands on the pattern!

Our flight home was not until 9pm and we were lucky enough to get invited to a cocktail party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Homespun magazine.  Not actually sure how we managed that, but it was very good timing.  We also got to meet a few of the quilt designers, and the editors of the magazines.

Finally, I arrived back in my house at 10.30pm.  Exhausted!  The next day I actually had to get out of bed and go to the Glenelg Christmas Pageant with my daughter and grand-daughter.   Poor old Penny had to go to work!  I guess I had the easier task.



  1. These quilts are so different than what we see in the USA. I love the sampler with circle blocks on a white background with leaves in the border. Is that the antique quilt or a pattern?

  2. The Antique Sampler is the one with the Red border. The white background one is called Under the Southern Stars - also available on my website