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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Adelaide Quilt Show

last weekend we had the annual Festival of Quilts held by the South Australian Quilters Guild.  I went along on Friday to have a look, and then I had a couple of volunteer sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  I was showing hand piecing and hand quilting.  They set up a little table for me and I could hang some of my quilts  and talk with people.  I like talking!

This my entry.  No winner - I did not enter for judging.

this one is all Suffold Puffs.  Love it.

the colour scheme I like

And this - must have taken ages

this took my eye as well.  Something about Sarah Johnston there.

this was so simple - square in a square

Love the colours.  I want to make one!

this was very clever with the circles up circles

Close up


  1. Thanks for sharing the eye candy! Your entry was my fav. Red and green quilts seem to be having a revival here. The circle quilt intrigues me. Thanks for the close up.

  2. Wow, I am amazed at the work being done in AUS. When bloggers show pics from shows, I'm blown away by how much piecing is being done. It just seems different from what I see here.