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Monday, July 29, 2013


It is the middle of winter here, and I am struggling with the cold as I always do.  We have all had a cold virus, and passing it around the family.  I think I have been sick for about a month now, and finally went to the doctor last week as I knew I had a ear infection.  Anyway, on the mend now, and all my commitments have been complete, which means I can get some "me time" stuff done.

Natalie at the Stitching show

The weekend of the 19th/20th/21st of July saw me doing my very first retail craft event.  It was the Adelaide Stitching, Sewing and Hand Craft show.  I had the opportunity to take a stand, and did.  I was so nervous, exited, scared.  My daughter Natalie helped me set up on the Thursday, and worked with me all day Friday.  She DOES NOT sew!  Although did say she knows how to, but chooses not to.  Do you believe that?  Anyway, by the end of the day she had all the products sorted, and knew where they were - even if she did not know what they were used for.

We met lots of lovely people, and were so busy, that we sold out of some things by lunch time on the first day.  It was so much hard work, but have booked again for next year.

Last post I think I mentioned the new Karen Kay Buckley medium size scissors.  They are now in stock, and I have already sold out one shipment, and received a second box!  They are going to be my favourites. They are now on the Legend and Lace website if you would like to buy.  They have the same lovely soft grip, and the same micro-serrated edges as the other scissors in the range.

 Here is the whole family!

I know that spring is on the way, as I have the first of my sweet peas in flower in the garden.

But Skylar is still all rugged up to go to school.  I am sure that hat is not part of the school uniform!  or did I miss something?


  1. I will send you some sunny weather from the Netherlands. Hope it will visite you soon, so you can get better. Love you're boot by the way and my daughter tells me: one quilter in the family is already a mess in the house. Whats going to happend if I get that virus aswell???

  2. So glad your first vendor adventure went well. They are long days and being on your feet all day can be tiring! Next year you will be more prepared, nice to have some help too, someone else to share the load!!!!
    How nice to see the sweet-peas arrive, they are always a delight. I don't like cold weather either LOL!! allergic in fact to cold, and it's been cool here as well, looking forward to Spring!!! Take care!!

  3. Skylar sure is a cutie. Hard to believe that she is,school age it seems like yesterday that she was born.