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Sunday, February 24, 2013

one border to go

It is so hard to get a good photo of this quilt as it grows.  I guess this will be last one as I have one more border to go.

I have just one more skinny border to add, and then I can attach to final border.  So far it has taken me 2 months to make the top.

 I went through my scrap boxes again to find the fabrics.  They are totally random selections, and some are precious little bits I have been hanging on to for years.
 If I finish the top by the end of the coming week, then I will complete the entry into the Sydney quilt show in June.  Entries close on the 8th of March.  That gives me 3 months to get it finished.  I am pretty sure I could do it.  It will just be a case of all my spare sewing time being devoted to this project.   The weather is so unpleasantly hot at the present, does not feel nice to sit and sew.  I have the ceiling fans going, and trying to get a cross breeze with the doors and windows open.


  1. My goodness Wendy!! You have really done a wonderful job on this quilt, I'm loving it, and all those precious little pieces of old fabrics! I recognised two at least, and yes they are old indeed, I have only a few scraps of them left myself!!!!
    Good luck with getting your quilting done before the alloted time!! Good for you to put this lovely piece into the Sydney Quilt Show!!!
    I hope it does well!!!!

  2. You can do that Wendy!
    It looks SO WONDERFUL already. This will be a show stopper!

  3. Yes, you can get it done, and what a beautiful entry it will be in the Sydney show. Wish I could see it in person!