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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Applique School

This coming April 6 will be the first Applique School at Threadbear Patchwork and Quilting, at Castlemaine in Victoria.  There will be 4 tutors for the day, teaching 4 different applique methods.  Robyn Fallon will be doing reverse applique; Margaret McDonald, needleturn applique; Di Ford for Broderie Perse; and ME Wendy Whellum, for back-basting applique.  I am thrilled to be included with this list of well regarded and talented teachers. All details of the classes can be obtained from this link.

Each class participant will spend a portion of the day with each tutor learning their particular method, and getting all the tips that make it work.  Even if you are a seasoned applique-er you will learn something.

When I first started patchwork - hmm  ....many years ago, I always wanted to do applique, and it just seemed far too hard.  I read all the books and magazines, and tried it, but I could not get the hang of it.  Finally I went to a class - applique 6 ways.  Well, can you believed there are 6 ways?  There are and I got to try them all, and you can then work out which one suits you best.  Being of a disposition where I like to eliminate all steps possible, I finally chose the one that suited me best, which was drawing the design on the top of the fabric.  That is, until I found the "back-basting" method.  Now, this truly is the easiest in MHO.

Come join us (if you can) on the 6th April in the beautiful Victorian town of Castlemaine in Victoria.  It is an old gold mining town, and there are lots of antique shops, and lovely places to stay, and have a coffee and cake.  My DH is coming too and is going to bring along his brand new and expensive gold detecting gadget.  I have warned him I will be busy, so he will have to carry all the gold home on his own!

Stop Press!!!  I have heard that the phones have not stopped ringing at Threadbear since this was announced.  Get in quick!       ph  03 5472 1881


  1. As an avid appliquer, and a teacher who believes in teaching techniques vs patterns, I would LOVE to take this class, but AU is a little far from my home in NW Washington. Boohoo for me! Please share some photos and a recap of the day, it sounds fabulous!