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Thursday, February 14, 2013


The latest block of the "Pieces of the Past" sampler BOM is now available to download on the Legend and Lace website.  This block has many names, and I have used the most common, which is Priscilla.  I also found a number of star type names for it, and one really strange name - Lost Children!  How on earth did it get that name?  Does anyone know the history?

This is a relatively simple block, but you get the chance to use some of your pretty fabric.  I used a paisly in the centre of mine, but you could also use a large floral, or applique something on top of it.  Your block - your choice! 

The cost is $4.50 per block.  You get a photo of the block, with instructions to complete it; a drawing of the block, and full sized templates.  All blocks will stay on the website and you can buy them at any time in the future.

Only one more month to go now.  The last one is not the easiest I am sorry to say, but when it is done you are then finished.  With the last block I will give you instructions on completing the quilt.  Then, I will expect to see some completed photos.

Actually, I would quite like to see some photos right now.  We could have a little "show and tell" right here.  So, if you have some finished blocks, and there should be quite a few done, then please email them to me Wendy@legendandlace.com

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