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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Past Reflections-- yet another update

You will be sick of hearing about this.  I am!  A number of people were getting error messages when they went through the purchase process to get this month's block.  I tested it myself, and got an error message.  Frankly it is beyond my knowledge and skill to fix this on my own.  I have sent an SOS to the website lady to help me, but in the meantime I have done something different.

On the top right had side of this blog, you will see a photo of the Wreath block.  If you click on that you should be able to automatically download the pattern.  It is suppose to be 10" but is slightly smaller.  Bear with this one, as I am not fixing it now.  Just print it out a little bigger if needed.

If this works, I will do it this way each month, but you will have to get it within the month.


  1. If I remember correctly we not only share a name but a birthday as well. If I am correct, Happy Birthday! (and if my memory has failed me once again, Happy Quiltday!")

  2. Thanks so much.......I enlarged to 101% and got it at 10"
    I like the ease of clicking on the picture from here to print.....would like you to consider having it that way.