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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wreath block

If you have tried to print out the Wreath pattern, and got only one page, please try it again.  I got a text message late last night in bed, and could not think of what might have gone wrong.  During the loading process I print out a copy of the pattern to see that it all looks ok, and it did! 

Anyway, in the bright morning light, I have removed the file, and uploaded it again.  Fingers crossed!  This is the link HERE

Lets hope that is all sorted.  On a bright note, I got emails back from the EQ customer service, and the problem is that I can only have the EQ7 loaded on 2 computers at any one time.  The fact that the old one is not working any more is unknown to them, as they told me to remove it and then I could add it to the new desktop PC.  However, they can remove it for me.......clever people.    And they know when I loaded it and when I used it last.......bit scary they can track my usage.

Yesterday I managed to move my accounting package across, with all the data intact! and I managed to upload the PDF programme as well.  I use CutePDF for my files.  This is a free download thing, but if you want something totally better.....say for merging documents etc, you can pay a once off fee and buy this one from them.  I felt pretty good at the end of the day.....then I got the message about the Wreath.

Apart from playing with these devices I do get time to do real stuff as well.  Last year I had my first experience of home made Quince Paste.  Quinces are fruit like pears, but they are very hard to do anything with unless you cook them.  When they are cooked they go really dark red.  I made it my mission to find out how to make this paste.
This is my third batch this year and most I have given away.

This is how you do it:-------

I used 1.5kilo fruit, washed, removed the core, and chopped.  Cook in water on the Stove top until tender.  Drain then weighed .  Mine weighed about 1 kilo.  Now, use a stick blender or food processor to munch it all up, and put into the slow cooker, with equal amount of sugar.  Cook in the slow cooker on high, with the lid off.  It might take 4 or 5 hours, but at least with the slow cooker you do not have to be at it all the time worrying if it is going to burn.  You really only have to keep a close eye on it towards the end.  Stir with a wooden spoon, and when it gets so thick, you have to push the spoon through, then you know it is ready.

Let it cool a little and spoon into the little moulds.  These I bought from the packaging shop.  They are 100ml size.  I left the lids off overnight, then covered in the morning.  You could also spoon the mixture into oiled muffin tins, and let them sit overnight.  Next day slip them out with a knife and wrap in plastic.  You can freeze them, or just leave them in the pantry.

The quinces have finished here now, but there might be still some around in other parts of Australia.

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  1. siempre hice el membrillo como tu lo cuentas,
    pero el otoño pasado por falta de tiempo probé en la olla rápida
    resulto muy bueno y con mucho menos trabajo y tiempo
    lavar y trocear los membrillos, poner en la olla con el azúcar y zumo de limón, dar una vueltas macerar toda la noche
    poner a cocer 8 minutos dejar enfriar y triturar