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Monday, July 6, 2015

Past Reflections---

bet you thought I had forgotten!  Well, I had almost  -  what with all the fuss about getting the new computer working properly, the end of the month had slipped by and it had not been done.
Do you want to hear the sad saga?  I thought it was all going well until I tried to use EQ7 as this is how I draw my blocks.  I went to load it on the new HP and apparently, I have exceeded my limit on the number of devises I had loaded it to.  There is no way around it, as EQ connects to the internet when you sign in and checks your account, and it will not let me activate it.  I have emailed them a few days ago and still waiting for a response........so in the mean time I had to do it on the laptop and that is ok, to a point, but I like the big screen where I can see what I am working on in full screen.

In advance, I am asking you to check the size of the print out you get with this block just to make sure.  It should measure 10", and goes onto a larger piece of fabric, so that it floats.

Also, you know all those "saved" passwords!   I had to remember all the saved passwords for everything I do, so that I could load them again.  Not very happy right now, and it is cold, and I feel miserable........blah!  grizzle, grizzle.......

Should you like to finally get a copy of this block, it is on the Legend and Lace website.  If you are new here, then you need register as a customer, and "purchase" the block, but there is no charge.  You go through to the end of the sale process, and you are emailed a link.  Click on the link and you will be able to download the block.

Thanks for being patient with me, and listening to my grizzles.  I promise to do better next time :-))


  1. Wendy I can help with EQ7 as I have just gone through loading it on my computer without a CD drive. If you still have it loaded on your laptop right click on the icon and save to a usb drive, then load it on your new computer. Just email me if you still have questions

  2. Sounds crazy - poor you! thanks for another lovely block :)