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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This is why I love........

Playing with fabrics.....
Starting something new.....
Having a house full of colours......
Getting an idea in my head....
 Yesterday this was a pile of cut up fabric, for a pinwheel block.  Last night I sewed 4 of them together while watching TV.    Now, that is why I like hand piecing!  You can't put your sewing machine on you lap, can you?
When you put 4 of these blocks together, you get a whole new design.  the star in the centre is what took my imagination, but getting it is such a part of the fun.  When I first saw this quilt design it took me a bit to work out how it was made, but it is really simple.

In the long run, the blocks will not be together, it is just a trial.  I will not choose the layout until they are all finished. 

Just thought I would show how it turned out.


  1. Gorgeous!! I've been thinking more and more about a hand piecing project. There's something about handwork! Love it!

  2. So true about hand stitching - look how much you got done while relaxing! They look wonderful ...might be nice on point too.

  3. I really, REALLY love this! I'm also into scrap quilts at this moment, this one I will add to my list... what a clever idea! Thanx for that! Greetings from Holland!

  4. I really love this block and how it shows a star in the centre of those four blocks!
    Enjoy making them!

  5. Hand work certainly makes TV more appealing! Beautiful fabrics. I've said it before but I LOVE your color sense!

  6. No, you cannot put your sewing machine in your lap! You are too funny!
    What a fun little project.