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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Friends Quilts

The Adelaide Quilt show was on the weekend.  I went along on Thursday to do some demos on the Guild stand, then on Saturday to see the things I missed.

I took photos of some of my friends quilts for you.  We are suppose to get permission before publishing any photos and I thought it was easier to ask people I know rather than strangers.  No one objected of course.

This is one my quilts to start with....this rose and basket quilt you have seen before

This is my friend Janette with her stunning applique quilt.  She won 1st prize in her category.  All hand appliqued and quilted.  It took her 8 years to make.  Janette makes one stunningly beautiful quilt every 5 to 10 years.

This appliqued and pieced quilt is made by Sheila.  The photo does not do it justice.  The colours are vibrant.  Machine appliqued and quilted by Sheila.

Hand appliqued and quilted by Wendy Hunt, another member of our stitching group
My Summertime quilt....machine pieced, and long arm machine quilted in a Baptist Fan

These three quilts were made by 3 friends sewing together......Clare, Julie and Christine.  All the same designs, but different fabric choices.

And, finally, my Little Sisters quilt which I have shown you before.

If you would like to have a look at all the winning quilts, go to http://www.saquilters.org.au/festival-of-quilts-2014.htm


  1. Wow! Must have been a great show. Wonderful quilts.

  2. Stunning quilts! Love the hexies!


  3. The Little Sisters quilt is my favorite. And your friends have made outstanding quilts too.

  4. Your Little Sisters quilt is just wonderful - loved seeing it up close at the Show in Sydney! Looks like it would have been a great show with all those lovelies there - thanks for the photos

  5. a great cross section of the fabulous quilts that were on show at the Festival. I forgot to take any photo's, so its great to be able to view those from more organised people. Thanks for the inclusion in this talented company, (BTW mine was Hand appliqued)

  6. I love your roses and baskets quilt. The others are stunning as well, but the r & b is my favorite. Something about those blue setting triangles.