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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mystery Quilt day

For the last couple of years, my friend Mary and I have run a Mystery Quilt day on the Melbourne Cup day.  We hire the Lutheran Church Hall at McLaren Vale, and fill it with lots of lovely ladies, food, drink and fun times.

Doing a "mystery" is very popular, and we had 25 people this year, plus Mary and me, and our two helpers Jan and Natalie with the food, coffee, general run about.  The hard part is coming up with a project that is a Mystery until near the end, and one that can be made of any type of fabric.  We also like to get people to use their scrap bag as well, as it is expensive to go out and buy heaps of fabric, if they already have it in the cupboard.  Some people bought new fabrics, but many used what they had.

 This is the block we chose - Virginia Reel -  and we gave the instructions in 3 parts, so they could not see what it was until the end.  hard to tell from this photo

 When you start to put it together, you get an entirely different picture.  Here is a collection of florals

 And how about this?  A 2 fabric quilt, with black and vivid print.  Love this!
 Something a little more sedate, but stunning, in Batiks
Helen chose a collection of red and white prints.  It is going to be a Christmas table runner.

This is my version of the Virginia Reel in light and dark reproduction fabrics.  Again I can prove to you that Reproduction fabrics do not need to be dull!  I had this quilt professionally machine quilted in a Clam shell design by Helen Campbell. Mary made hers in Kaffe fabrics, and I have no photo of that but will get one.

We asked people to bring along any finished quilts from our previous workshops.  Amazingly some actually did have them finished!  I am pretty slack about getting things finished from workshops, but these girls were good

Our next workshop will be some time in March or April when we will bring back the "Big Star Day" with the Lone Star and the New Broken Star.

We will let you know closer to the time what the date will be.  Anyone on the mailing list will hear about it.

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  1. Your Virginia Reel is stunning. You have inspired me to seek out some of those brighter repro prints, somewhat harder to find, but so worth the effort as they really do give more energy to the quilts.