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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Something new

Last week I was looking at all my unfinished projects and thinking that next year I would just concentrate on getting them all finished.  Glad I did not take an oath on it!

For the last 6 months I have had this Pinwheel/Kaleidescope kind of quilt in my head.  I found a design on EQ and decided I would make it on the machine.  There are rotary cutting and template sizing, and I have this new Creative Grid Ruler, that I thought would do the trick for me.  I cut out a heap of blocks, and sewed 2 together, before I realised that the size is "not quite" right.  The ruler must have slipped a few times, or I moved it, or some other things happened, and they were all sent to the "naughty box".

You would think that would settle it, but I still had the idea in my head, so today, I cut out the templates for the blocks, and plan to hand piece.  I unpicked the pieces, and will mark them all up with pencil and this will be my "carry along" project for the next few months.  So far I have cut enough for 20 12" blocks.
I am not neat like some people, but you can get an idea of the types of colours and prints I am using.  They have to be really bold as the background fabric (on the right) is very sombre.
 The colour is called "Paper Bag" and it is from Moda Bella. 
When you put it next to another colour, it really makes the other fabric look more vibrant.  But you have to take care not to use anything too light as it will not show up.  I am a little concerned about the one below, but think it has enough contrast to work.
 The strips are cut 7" wide, then cross cut into triangles with the Creative Grid Ruler.  You put the top marker on one side of the fabric, and the 7" line on the other side, and cut along the two sides.
 Flip over the ruler and cut again.  I can get 5 triangles from a fat quarter width, cutting double
 From the full width of the fabric I can cut 11 triangles.  I write all this stuff down, so that if one day I decide to write the pattern, I don't have to do the calculations all again.  I have a little book it all goes into

Once they are all cut, I can just take my time at marking the seam lines and sewing when I have some spare time.

I still need a machine project and have another thing in my mind.  I am suppose to be working on next years Mystery Quilt......well at least thinking up ideas, so that Mary and I can see how it might work.  Ever since we finished the November Mystery last week, we are already planning for next year.....finding photos and emailing to each other.  Something will come up soon enough for us to get it all knocked together.

Before the end of next week I will have the last part of the Pom Pom Tree Block of the Month ready for you, and then the next Past Reflections applique block.  My DH is going away for a week and I get all the free time to myself.  Wonders will happen!!


  1. Well, I guess some things were just meant to be. Now you have a wonderful new take along project and what beautiful colors they are! Enjoy the day.

  2. Love those fabric choices! 'Paper bag' is a new one to me but I love the vintage look of it - reminds me of some aged muslin. I never know what to do with these interesting rulers so thanks for the demo. Really looking forward to how this progresses.