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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feathered Star

This is the final block in the Pieces of the Past sampler quilt.  All nine blocks are on the Legend and Lace website to download.  This is without a doubt the most complex of the blocks.  You need to make it in segments, then join them like a Nine Patch.

Next month I will write the instructions on how to join the blocks, with the sashings and the borders.  All the finishing off stuff - working on the assumption that you will all be ready to finish it :-)).

What is next?  Well I am still doing the Rose Garden BOM; working on the Mrs Vigors quilt, which a couple of the local shops have asked me to teach; applique the Calico Paradise from Collector with a Needle......and all the other half finished projects.

Scrap quilts are still happening.  Our workshop on 3rd May is just about full, and I have a couple of commissions from Aust quilting magazines for some scrap quilts.  You know what?  No matter how many of these scrap quilts I make, I never have any less fabrics in my cupboard, or any less mess in my sewing room.  What do you think?  Does it breed?

Now, some words of wisdom.   You know I love Scrap Quilts, and I love books, and I love antique quilts.  I was reading through one of Gwen Marston's books - I think it was Liberated Medallion quilts.  She writes that people often ask her how she gets that lovely scrappy look of her quilts.  She states that she actually uses scraps- it helps!  People ask me how I choose my fabrics - I just put my hand in the box and if it is not the same as the last fabric I used then it gets a run.  Then I just work on light and dark - get some contrast in there.  Don;t spend too much time thinking about it, that is what makes them seem bland or contrived.

Happy Stitching.


  1. What a striking block! Those fabrics really pop!

  2. Just love this one - the fabric choices are wonderful!

  3. Great fabrics in your Feathered Star. Looks very impressive!