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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Close to done

I have been making 2 full sized blocks a day, and 2 half blocks.  It did not take all that long to get these blocks completed and the top assembled.  Now I need to find one of the nice border fabrics I have stashed away and get the whole thing together.

These half blocks gave me a headache just thinking about how to go about it.  Cutting a whole block in half does not work.  You have to allow for seams on the outside of the quilt and you also have to take into account that the outer edge needs to be in the straight grain, not the cross.  On the cross you get a wobbly edge.  I recalculated these side blocks and they worked out fine.

The interesting thing now is that they just don;t look like Wrench blocks!  Not sure what they look like, but the original block design seems to have faded away with them assembled.


  1. Well, yes, now that I look at it, it's true the Wrench has somewhat been enveloped, but this is still a pretty top!!! Once it's quilted and on the bed it'll look great, you've progressed well so far with these blocks!!!!!

  2. I think it to be beautiful. All those wonderful fabrics make this special!

  3. I was trying to decide what the pattern was; then you said Wrench! Now, I see it, but it does fool you. I really like the top and can't wait to see what yummy border fabric you choose.

    1. After Easter I will get cracking on the border and quilting. It is for a magazine commission due early June, so I have 2 months to finish.