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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New scrappy quilts

We have our Scrap Quilt workshop coming up on 3rd May, and I thought I would show you my version of the Trip Around the World.  Penny has made hers and it is set differently.    For those who are interested, the workshop is now full!  However, we are taking names for anyone who might be interested in doing a twilight class - 4pm to 9pm the same day.  You can see the other quilts here.  There are 3 different patterns we will be doing on the one day.

Something else I have been working on is a Wrench quilt.  I had this in my mind for quite a while and finally got it started.  The thing that stopped me was trying to work out how to handle the half blocks in the side.  Well, I wondered do you just cut them in half?  I was horrified about this.  So I started asking questions of my quilting friends.  I got lots of good advice, and came up with a plan.

 You have to recalculated the edge pieces so that they are cut on the straight, and not the cross.  Otherwise you get a wobbly quilt.  One lady suggested that I do a stay stitch along the edge and then I don't have to re-do the blocks. 
I also had to do the corner blocks.  They are also recalculated, and each part made seperately in order to get the pointed bits on the straight.

I think that in the older days they just cut them in halves and quarters and hoped for the best.

You will see some more photos of this one as I progress

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  1. Gorgeous work here Wendy, and I just love your Trip Around the World, just wonderful!!!!