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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fabrics received this week

In this last week I received two parcels of fabrics that I had been waiting weeks to arrive.  They were ordered mid December, and were coming via Global Express - usually about a week.  I thought they must have been caught up in the Christmas mail.  However, this is what went wrong

This is the first parcel and you can see that it has been in water.  You can hardly read the label.  Australia Post put a sticker on there saying that it was received by them in this condition.  Inside was some fabric I bought as a backing, and it was in a plastic bag.  I took it out, and despite the plastic bag, it had a dried water mark.  i washed it, and it was all ok.

Surprise surprise, along came another plastic bag parcel, 4 weeks after I ordered it.

this one had actually split open!  I ordered two seperate shipments as I knew it would not all fit in one envelope.  However, the seller put it all in one parcel, and this is what happens.  Luckily it was in an internal plastic bag. 

These are the beautiful fabrics I received!  A huge selection of backgrounds and shirtings, and a parcel of "reds".  They are kind of reds - so pretty.  These I will use in the Circuit Rider's Quilt BOM as well as the greens I got last week.  The backgrounds will be used in the Antique Sampler BOM


  1. I like all the fabrics you chose.I cant get enough background fabrics, always searching for more,LOL

  2. All's well that ends well. Glad it worked out!

  3. The water is everywhere in your world. Glad it all arrived in a savable condition!

  4. Beautiful fabrics. I too, recieved envelopes in similar states. One looked like it had been run over by the mail truck, torn and taped back together. I thought it was my post office as 2 packets arrived like this and one I shipped out also arrived torn and damaged. Congrats on all the "quilting" work, how exciting!

  5. My parcel arrived in a plastic bag. It had been so badly ripped, covered in oil and the 5yds I'd bought for background was ripped through. It had caught in the machinery in the sorting office. The shop has given me a full refund even though they had nothing to do with the damage.