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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Antique Sampler

I have now completed the first 4 months of this project, in just one month.  They are not real hard to make, and look so pretty.  The first months packs of fabrics will be cut and posted next week.  You can still join in.  Got to the website and register

Don;t you love the way you can fussy cut the fabrics!?  I wish I could work on these blocks only, but have the Circuit Rider's quilt blocks as well, and the Sentimental Stitches "Beyond the Cherry Tree" blocks.  Everything is being rotated.  Also working on 2 machine projects.  No, I am not sitting about painting my toe-nails, thought I did do that yesterday as well.

We are also looking for a new car, which is a horrendous experience on it's own.  We think we have found the right one, and will make a decision on Monday.  Fingers crossed - as it is going to be "MY CAR".


  1. LOVE your toe color, I treated my niece and myself to a pedicure last Sunday, Heaven!

  2. Car shopping. Torture. Toenail painting--there's a great place to try new polish! I have some called "Sugarplum Yum". Think freshly mashed bruises! I have "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie" on. Much better! What car did you buy???