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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pieces from the Past - Sampler Quilt

I finished the 4 Block hand pieced sampler quilt top. The blocks are 18" each, plus 2" sashing and borders. My plan, is to make 5 more blocks, unpick the border where necessary, and join in the other blocks to make 9. This is initially for a class sample, and once that is done I can do some more work on blocks.

The red fabric is by Windham, Redworks, by Susie Osburn, from Michigan State University Museum. I bought it because I like directional fabric, and it was red. I have had it in the bottom drawer for ages, and thought I would give it an airing. I love to cut stripes across, never thinking when I bought it that the stripe goes across the width, meaning I had to cut the fabric the length of it to get the stripe. Most annoying, but I think I have enough left to add in the extra 5 blocks when (if) I get to that stage. I might make a pattern of it too.

I am not going to quilt this for the class, as I want people to see the back and the hand piecing. So, that has let me off the hook a bit!

If you want more information about the class please get in touch with Karen at the Sewing Sanctuary.  It will be held on 3rd Saturday of the month, starting February 2010.

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