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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cherry Tree - Block 3

Well I am trying to catch up on the blocks for this project.  I completed block number 3, using 4 different cheddar fabrics and 4 different greens.  It was not a hard block to start with, but those long green fingers were a bit of a pain.  I was almost tempted to do the fingers seperately, then applique a semi-circle over them.   In the long run it would probably have looked the same, but part of this I think is taking up the challenge.

As I am rotating my projects, to enable me to get done the things I have to do for class samples, and the things I want to do for me, I am now drawing up the next 4 block sampler quilt for classes in the second half of the year.  Also, doing a mini basket or two in between.  Last count up I had 20 of these done

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  1. Your selection of different fabrics really adds a lot of interest to this block.