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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cherry Tree - Block 2

I have started to rotate my projects now that I have completed my class sample, so I think I might get caught up on the Cherry Tree.  There are 4 blocks published and I have now done 2 of them - half done.  Tomorrow night I promise I will get back to the Little Sisters.

I wanted to make the cherry tree blocks in scrappy red and green fabrics.  Whenever I see red and green fabrics I always buy them - if they are interesting of course, and just the shades I like.  I seemed to be scraping around looking for reds and greeens the last couple of days.  Can;t believe I don;t have enough.  Of course now, the turkey reds don;t seem to be out there when I want them.

Next block is yellow, so I think I will use a few different Cheddar fabrics. 


  1. great fabrics :)
    I see a few treasures in there!

  2. This block looks deceptively simple, I love what you have done with it.

  3. The early blocks are simple - I think they are going to get more complex. Lulling we participants into a false sense of security? Have to keep going though. Have all the background material!