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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Spring Vase

I rarely buy fabric with a specific project in mind.  And that goes for this one above.  I usually buy a few metres of a border type fabric, or a metre or fat quarter, depending on how much I like it.  This fabric I bought 4 metre.  Most of my projects are scrappy and kind of evolve from what I have in the cupboard at the time.

This beautiful directional print from RJR Fabrics, Fairhaven range, was in the disccounted section of Quiltsmith, when I went there in July, after my visit to the Sydney Quilt Show.  My dear friend Maureen took me for a very interesting drive to get there and back.  The date on the fabric is 2009, so I guess they had it laying about for a while and decided to "move it on".....right into my ever appreciative arms!  Thank you very much!
It has a beautiful print right through the blue stripe, which is not noticed at first.
 I decided to use these blue parts of the print, as they were exactly the width I needed.  See my calculator in the photo?  It is there all the time.  The blue part is exactly 4 1/2" wide which includes a lttle bit of the cream background, and that will go into the seams.
Then we are left with something that looks like this.  Wasted?  no way, there is method in my madness
These pieces are totally perfect for fussy cutting for Broderie Perse.....whether it be in this current project or in another.  I can see a whole border with this cut out and appliqued in place, but one thing at a time :-)
These blue strips are going around the central vase for my latest hand appliqued project.  I do not work with blue very often, but the blue in the vase is a favourite of mine, and there are blue leaves in the  surrounding chintz print.  These pieces are just laid in place right now, but I plan to mitre the corners, and get it all nice and neat.

The size after they are added will be 36 1/2", and the blocks I am addeing for the next border are 6" finished, so it *should* all fit together nicely.  Always with a quilt like this you have the option to make the borders a little wider or narrower if it does not work out the first time.  I have done that many times!  but this time I think it will work ok.

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  1. What a great find Wendy - and I love how you are using it! Great to see your thinking with the border - it certainly is a versatile fabric. Am sure I have a bit of that somewhere...