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Monday, December 9, 2013

One for me...Rolling Stones

 No, not the "Rolling Stones" (I wish!), but  a very simple nine patch block.  This is what you can do with pretty fabrics, placed in the right spots.

I spend a lot of my sewing time making samples for classes, commissions for magazines, patterns for my website etc, and sometimes.......I make something for me.

When I was in Toowoomba in September, with Penny, we went to see Gail Chalker at Sew Creative in Gatton, and I came home with some lovely fabrics.  They have been sitting waiting for inspiration.  Also, I got the lovely fabrics last month in Melbourne at the Quilt Market.

 I wanted to make something fast, but pretty.   Here it is - a Rolling Stone, a 15" block.  Yes, big!

Make the little corner pieces first - 3 side are shirting and one side is the fabric that goes around the centre.
Next sew the side strips together - they are 5 1/2" when pieced.  The same with the corner pieces above.

Join the centre strip, and side strips.  I chose a large print for the centre (not amongst my new fabrics, but it worked)   It reflects all the colours.
Press the centre seams and the side seams in opposite directions, so they butt in nicely when you join them

Finished!  All in about 30 minutes.  You could make the blocks smaller, and use really modern fabrics.  Isn't it nice to see one of the old style blocks?  When you join these all together, you get a secondary pattern.  I did that on EQ, and you get a look like a Album Cross block.


  1. I like this block, so old looking.

  2. I adore this block! In fact I'm making a whole bunch of them right now and accidentally flipped the rectangles so they are presenting different than the classic style. Funny because I think they will actually suit my quilt even better.:) Love the great colors in yours!