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Friday, December 27, 2013

A new project for the New year

For a good few years I have started something new around the Christmas/New Year time.  After all the festivities are over, it is nice to sit around and do a little hand piecing.  Last year it was the Mrs Vigors, which became "Out of the Closet", and this year it is this hand piece block.  It does not have a name yet, but I will work on that.

Once again, it is out of my cupboard of reproduction fabrics.  Each block needs 6 different fabrics, which includes a background. I am using my scraps of shirting as background.  I had to use 2 different ones in this block, but that is fine with me.
 I cut out all the shapes using this little plastic template.  You can buy these at your quilting shop.  This one I bought at Hettie's Patch, which is the shop where I teach hand work once a month.  You could also buy pre-cut paper pieces for this block, and make it using English Paper Piecing.  With the template, I draw around the shape, then cut out on the line, and then make the 1/4" seam.  You can also use your rotary cutter, but I think that is a bit fiddly for these small pieces.

With the fabrics, I just chose these light and dark ones to get some contrast, also I love to use stripes.
 Once I cut them out, I just played around to make sure they looked good together, and I had enough.
 Some close ups of the fabrics.  Some nice old ones, and some newer.
I was hoping the centre might form a nice picture.
 One of the reasons I love to do hand work is that I can do it in my arm chair while (sort of) watching TV.  I set the pieces out on my lap.  This is my thigh/knee in the photo.  Pretty, eh?
 I use one pin, and pin through the 2 layers, in the very corner of the drawn line. At the other end I insert my needle into the corner, 2 back stitches, and a slip knot and off I go.  When I get to the point where the pin is, I take out the pin and do another 2 back stitches and a knot.  Do not sew into the seam allowance.  Cut off the thread.
 It now looks like this.  You have to insert the 3rd piece into the centre.
 Right sides together, put a pin in the centre where the two seams meet.  Start off as before, and sew along the line. When you get to the pin, do a back stitch, take out the pin, pivot
 and start stitching down the other side of the seam.  Do a back stitch, and a knot and cut off the thread.
You now have one of the units complete.  You will have to make a heap of these.
 You need 6 of the centre piece, 6 of the one with the dark point, and 12 of the outside pieces with the background.  I do not press these pieces as I make them, just finger press.  you can press the whole block when it is finished.
 Join the centre pieces and the pointed pieces, wide sides together, then put a background piece on either side.
 Here we are, all 6 pieces completed.  Does not take long.  I had them all finished before I went to bed last night.

I completed the block earlier on today.  I plan to make about 15 of these blocks, in lots of different fabrics, and join them like you would a hexagon quilt - all butting in together.

Wonder how long it will take me?  If I do one a week, then they will be done in no time at all.  Wish me luck!

Edit - pressing!  Sandy asked me about how I press the blocks, open, flat, to the dark?  Mostly I let them fall where they want, and press them flat.  You need to manipulate the joins though.  I will take a few photos of the back, and add these later today.


  1. Well good luck with your new project. It would take me forever just to make one of these blocks.

  2. I have never done hand piecing, but often wish I could take a class to learn how. You do a great job of explaining the steps. I wonder how you end up pressing the seams (open, toward the dark, etc.) ? One of these days I'm going to have to try it. Thanks so much for your tutorial.

  3. Hi Wendy, your new project looks good. The template you use is called kite and Material Obsession have a design with this block in one of their first books. They call it "Jazzy Hands". Look forward to see more of these.

  4. The block is called Rose Star. One of my bloggers told me the name. If you do a google search on Rose Star there are heaps of images.