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Monday, December 16, 2013

Digital Patterns - how they work

Block 2 of the Pom Pom Tree quilt is now on the website.  This is how you get any of the digital patterns - including the free ones.

You go to www.legendandlace.com, and click on the pattern you want, and add it to your shopping cart by clicking "add to basket".  Then on the LHS click "view basket". Next page Click on "Continue".  There are 2 more pages where you can change your address, or make alterations, just keep clicking "Continue" .  FINALLY you get to the payment page, or if it is one of the free patterns it says "completed".

At this stage please ensure your registered email address is correct, or you will get nothing! Also, make sure that it is not in your Spam or Junk email folder.

You will get an email which contains a link.  That link allows you to download the pattern.  You get 3 days to do that, so it is a good idea to download it and save it to a file.

If you pay by Pay Pal it happens straight away.  If you pay by credit card I have to process the payment, and then I send the link to you.

Thank you all for the great support, and your patience with answering questions.  I got out of bed this morning to see my emails full of pattern requests, and queries.  I hope I have answered them all correctly.

Wendy  xx

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