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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rose Wreath

Block 10 - Rose Wreath.  I am pretty much going to be late with this one, for the first time in the 10 months the BOM has been going.  I have lot of excuses, and I am sure you want to hear them!  The main one is that my iron blew.  We had our Scrap Day on Friday, and we begged and borrowed irons, power boards and extension cords from all over the place.  My iron was on the ironing board, and someone called out about "something burning" - yes it was my iron.  We think it was the extension cord that was the problem, but it burned my iron's plug.  My "emergency" iron, I just chucked out as well.  The good news is that I got most of the block completed, as you can see.  The only parts missing are the tiny circle centres of the flowers.  Can't do them without the iron, as I use Perfect Circles, and you have to iron them. 

The good news is, with Mother's Day coming up, a lot of the shops have irons and other trinkets on sale, so I should be able to get myself a new one at a good price.  That is how I bought the last one.

The scrap day was very successful.  We had 3 quilts on offer, and 36 people attending.  I have some photos and will get them out of the camera tomorrow.

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