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Friday, May 31, 2013

making half square triangles

My Quilters Quick Quarter rulers have arrived!  These are totally nifty little gadgets.  You use them to mark the 1/4" line when making Half Square Triangles.  I have taken a couple of photos of the process.
 Here is the 12" ruler out of the pack.  They also come in 8".  I think 12" is a handy size
 Instructions on the back
 Place the ruler diagonally across the back of the light fabric, and draw lines on either side
 Stitch on the drawn lines, and you can see that I chain pieced.  i sewed up one side of a pile of them and down the other side.  Then cut the threads
 I lay them on my cutting mat 2 or 3 at a time and offset them like this, then cut through the centre.
 Please use your normal cutting ruler for this job.  Do not use the QQ ruler as it is too narrow, and you will cut your fingers!  Ouch!
 They are now seperate
 Press to one side
 And trim off any excess.  I always cut my squares 4" or 5" or 6" then once they are made cut back to the 1/2" needed.  It is usually only a slither than you have to take off.
You can now make heaps of HST in an hour or so.......off you go!

The rulers are on the Legend and Lace website for $8.80

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