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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Big Stitch Quilting

I have just about finished my "big stitch" quilting on my scrappy wrench quilt.  It was easy enough to do, but I had to work hard to make my stitches larger!  I kept doing them small as that is what I am use to doing, then having to correct myself.    I did mostly cross-hatching, and some "in the ditch" stitches.

The border I did differently

Can you see my stitches?  I traced along the line of the fabric print.  It was absolutely perfect for using this technique.  Now I just have to do the binding, and I hope to have time to get to the sewing machine tomorrow for that.

It took me 2 reels of DMC 8 thread to do this quilt, and already I am planning the next one.  I have my scrappy Trip Around the World to quilt, and I was thinking of doing it on the sewing machine, but this might work even better.  Just have to get those stitches bigger!

Rose Garden Block of the Month - Block 10 is on the Legend and Lace website.  Sorry to has taken so long, but I had things happen :-(  I had a trip away, then when I came home my computer would not connect to the internet.  I did all the tests myself, unplugged, re-plugged, disconnected, ran virus scans etc,  Finally, I called in the Big Guns (brother in law) and he could not work it out either.  We got onto the ISP and after much convincing, they sent out a technician.  Turns out it was the connection at the telephone exchange, plus lines to our house which were problems.  All fixed now.

The Rose Wreath Block is all ready to download.  Thanks for your patience if you have been waiting.  When you see the photo of the block, you will see that the leaves and buds swirl around in a clockwise direction.  However, when you download the pattern, they are going anti-clockwise.  Oops!  this is because I drew the design onto the back of my background for the back-basting applique, but forgot to reverse the design.  Never mind, I say to myself, who cares ? what difference does it make to me? None! You can reverse it if you like, or leave it as it is.


  1. It definitely is a different approach when doing the 'big' stitch LOL!!! A different rythmn but with more practice it gets easier!! I love the way you decided to use the print on the border fabric to determine your quilting, nice idea!!!!!

  2. Your stitches look great Wendy. I have to work really hard to go big too.