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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Perle Cotton quilting

 I started on the Big Stitch hand quilting last night.  I got the Clover Sashiko needles, DMC Perle Cotton, thimble, finger stall, and scissors.  My favourite thimble is the Thimblelady thimble, as it actually holds the needle while you push it up and down.  So no great revelations here - it is practically the same as the Little Stitch quilting I have been doing for 20 years!  A bit tougher on my hands I think.  I used the largest of the needles in the pack, and I am going to now try the smaller ones and see if I like that better.
I use the finger stall as a "needle puller".  It helps a lot.
 This is the length of my stitch.  These squares are 2", so I guess my stitches are about 4 to the inch!  Not really award winners, but I bet I get it done pretty quickly.
I am just quilting across the blocks, not on the seam lines, no "in the ditch" as i thought I would be able to avoid the tough bits this way.  Lets see how long the whole thing takes.  It is needed by the first week in June.

Nothing to do with quilting stitches - but I picked up this magazine in the shop the other day.  My that quilt looks nice (I am thinking to myself).......It is nice......it is my quilt!!  This quilt was published by Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine a couple of years ago, and they paid me at the time, and assume the copyright.  So that allows them to publish it again, in any of their magazines, without me knowing or getting any extra $'s!  I am perfectly happy to be a "cover girl" but I would have liked to know about it before I just stumbled across it in the shop.


  1. I like The Thimble Lady thimbles too!!! I have the one that is sterling silver and large dimples, (an open area on the fingernail part of the thimble), haven't tried the style of one that you have!! I've have only done a small amount of Perle Cotton quilting, but I used a shorter needle, I love the effect because you see more of the thread!!! I hope you make your deadline!!!!

    1. I tried the shorter needle in the pack, and it was actually thicker, so harder to pull through. then I tired a much longer, Fons and Porter, basting needle. That works well, but it is long. Keep looking and testing I think.