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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am half way there

with these little Hexagon blocks, for the BOM, This Goes with That.  There are 8 months to the programme, with 2 different patterns each month.  As a sample, I have decided to make 3 of each block.

As you can see, I am having fun with the prints, and I LOVE big colours.  There are lots of different ways to set the blocks.  That is an entirely personal choice, but I plan to scatter amongst the pieced blocks, just some single hexagons with interesting prints
 I bet we all have a few of these types of prints, that you had stashed away, and knew that one day they would be useful.  This is the day!
In the packs each month you get these nifty perspex templates.  You can place these over your fabrics to see what they will look like once cut.  I either draw around them if I am sitting watching TV, and cut out by hand, or if you are in your sewing room, then you can use the rotary cutter.

Ok, this is the "advertisement" part.  The programme starts mid-February, so if you are kind of thinking you might want to join in, you have a couple of weeks (to the end of January) to register, after than there will be no extra names taken.  The cost is $38 per month, plus postage, which is about $3 in Australia, and $10 for the USA and Europe.  Other countries, please email me for a quote.

Back to playing with fabrics......


  1. Interesting hexie blocks and I just love the vibrancy of the fabrics you are using!!!
    I can't take on another new project at this point, I have too many on the boil at the moment, but I will follow you with great interest!

  2. A very intriguing project. Such a variety of ways to put together fabrics into such a familiar shape.

  3. Beautiful project. A great way to showcase fabrics.

  4. I love this type of project! Why can't I find anything like this in the US? Would love to do this but funds don't allow. Beautiful work! I'll keep an eye on this. Thanks for the great start to my day!

  5. What a great bunch of fabrics. Can't wait to see what the finished quilt looks like.