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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spring Garden

I am having a last look about my garden this morning, before I get ready to head off to Cairns in Tropical North Queensland tomorrow.   The roses are just starting and looking wonderful.

this is the Albertine rose on the fence.  It only flowers in October, and just starting now.  I might miss it at it's best while we are away for the week.

climbing roses on the Gazebo

I planted the Flanders Poppies for the first time this year.  They look great while flowering, but the plants start to look really messy after a while.  My hope is they will self-seed and spread a bit.  I guess they will be done too when I get home.


  1. Beautiful roses! I hope there are still some there when you get back home.
    Travel safely.

  2. Beautiful! I'm a little jealous. I wish we were just going into spring here in Iowa instead of fall. Have a nice trip!