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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

bloggers of the world

open their doors to strangers.  Quilters are more friendly than anyone else I know.  Yesterday I met up with Frances from Quilting Owl in the far north of Queensland. Frances has been a visitor to my blog from time to time and now I know her for real and her lovely DH Peter.
 Frances is working on the Barbara Brackman Civil War quilt.  The blocks are lovely.  She told me that she has trouble selling reproduction fabrics in her shop Cairns Craft Shop.  We could probably help her out there!  I visited the shop, and it is a treasure chest.  I got a couple of pink fabrics that I had been looking for.
 Frances is a very lucky girl!  She has the best studio build behind her house, in the hills surrounding Cairns.  the studio is large, bright and on two levels.  Wow!  She also has a husband who cooks!

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  1. It was great to meet Wendy and have a safe journey home to South Australia. Take care.