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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hollyhocks are happening

The spring garden is just about finished, and the summer garden is in full bloom.  It gets so hot here in summer, that I don't really worry about planting much.  The hollyhocks are growing wild.  Some must be 8 foot tall!
 It took me years to try and get these plants to grow.  I use to see them in other gardens, and was so envious!  I found out that you kind of have to ignore them.  Scatter the seeds like in nature, don't dig them in, don't water or nurture them at all, and this is what happens.  I worked it out after seeing the plants growing wild by the side of the road in the state's mid-north, where it is dry and dusty most of the summer.
 This one is my favourite colour
 There is that Fairy in my garden again - not looking quite so well behaved today

 Actually, I think this is my favourite

 Must not forget the vegetable garden.

 See how brown it has started to get already.  That is where the spring flowers have died off

 Not sure what this plant's real name is, but we call it "Bird of Paradise"


  1. Wendy, very pretty flowers. And the "Fairy in the Garden" is sweet too!

  2. It is fun to see your summer flowers while we settled into winter. Thanks for sharing.