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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Circuit Rider Quilt - 2011

I started the Circuit Rider BOM in February this year, and I expected it to go for 12 months.  I have been making the blocks along the way.  I had a request to continue into next year, and have decided to do so.  I have already made the next two blocks - 13 and 14.

Also during the time I have been teaching applique at Patchwork By the Sea, at Brighton, SA.  I took along my CR blocks to show off and the group wanted to know if it was a class.  I decided to make extra blocks not from the book, to offer as a class.  I made them with the same background and similar theme so that I can eventually add them into the quilt.
By the time I finish these few extra blocks for the class, plus the 10 I need for the BOM, I will have 30 bocks, which is a good size for me.  Anyone familiar with the original Circuit Riders quilt will know that a few of the blocks are repeated.  This way I do not get repeats.

You can join into this BOM any time by going to my website Legend and Lace, and registering.


  1. So pretty; these will make a beautiful quilt.

  2. Those blocks do look like they fit right in with the originals.