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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I love scrap quilts!

I am just having a good time playing with all my scrappy fabrics, to make these great blocks.  So far, I have managed to make 12 blocks - and only that many because my DH is away.

On Sunday, I decided to cut up heaps of pieces, so that I could just pick them up and sew together.
 I was astounded at how many striped or directional fabrics I had to cut up.  I must admit that I have always favoured them, and buy some whenever I see them.  There is so much you can do with these fabrics.

Some fabrics can be cut so that you can use them in two different ways.  I have done this with a few of the fabrics.

Look at all these gorgeous stripey fabrics I found !  Just love them.

Then I started cutting up 2" strips of dark/medium/light fabrics for the rest of the blocks.  I have used most of these, and cut up a whole lot more today.

These are the blocks I made today
and these I made yesterday.  Once everything is cut up, it takes only 15 minutes to make one block.  I am on a roll.


  1. Looks fantastic, love all your fabrics.

  2. Beautiful! Goes to show that, in a scrappy project, even fabrics that don't look like they will play well together actually do! Keep 'em coming!

  3. These blocks have really caught my fancy! What sizes are the pieces?

  4. Oh wow - what a great scrap user upper. This block is fantastic. Would you mind telling us source/name of block or dimensions besides 2 inch strips.

    Thanks - Terry in So. Calif

  5. You're having way too much fun Wendy! Isn't it nice to explore the stash? Gorgeous blocks and fabrics:)

  6. Love the block with the yellow center.

  7. Wow they are great.....what is the pattern or block.....very tempted

  8. Love scrap quilts too and this is a great block! Love your fabrics too!

  9. I love these blocks--the stripes are so great!

  10. I have seen several versions of this design , and love every one of them. It's definitely on my to do list, if I ever get back to my sewing rooms, there is a backlog begging to be completed though