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Friday, June 12, 2015

Star and 4 patch

I went poking through my box of odd blocks yesterday, and found an 8" variable star and 5 4" 4 patch blocks.  They are the blocks for this months "sew-along".
The instructions are on the RHS of this page, and you can print them off.  Pretty simple little collection, that makes up to 12" when complete.  You just click onto the photo and that takes you straight to the file.

I feel that I am lucky to have got them done this month at all.  My computer is about to die, and once I transfer the files to my expandable hard drive, it is being pulled down.  I have bought a brand new all in one, WiFi Hewlett Packard computer.  I expect to have some teething problems, and hope that the handy BIL will sort that all out for me.  It will certainly be re-training time for me, so I might not be able to do photos and files for a while until it is worked out.

On the bright side, I am off to Sydney this Sunday, and next week visiting my relatives and friends, and the Sydney Quilt show.  Hopefully all the boring computer stuff will be sorted by the time I get back.

I have been working on my Kim McLean Flower Pots machine applique.  Almost completed assembling the parts.  There is one more border of  2" squares, but I am thinking that maybe I will not do that one.  I quite like the way it looks now, and have some nice red fabric for a binding.  Sorry about the photo.  It is on the sofa bed and hard to get a full photo in a small-ish room.

Right, now off to do the stuff on my list before my trip away.  Hope you like the new block.


  1. Those odd blocks go together beautifully. Have fun in Sydney and all the best for the Show!

  2. I hope your computer transition goes smoothly! Thanks for another lovely block!

  3. Love those blocks! And good luck with the computer, like your car, it is a machine that should just work. Quite lost without them....