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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Back from my travels

I got back from my visit to the Sydney Quilt show on Sunday night.  Very tired, and found the new Hewlett Packard computer unpacked and sitting up on the table, ready for action.  I am not at all in the mood for this, but I have to do it.  Yesterday I managed to load Photoshop, which is the DH's favourite.  He does not have a smart phone, and takes photos with the camera, then uploads to a file.  I told him all those files are gone, and he has to get a smartphone.  Will see how that eventuates......I also some how managed to load the email programme, and it worked, so big tick there!
This is my Return to Paradise quilt hanging in the Sydney Quilt Show.  No ribbons this time, but I still love it and loved seeing it hanging.  The best part of the show for me was the Red and White exhibition.  You can see the winners HERE.  This was made from a pattern by Dawn Collector with a Needle.  NSW Quilters Guild Blog has more photos.

I had a big week....Visiting family, and then my friends arrived  -  one from Adelaide and two from Queensland.  I had arranged our accommodation, and I was a little anxious about it all.  I had booked at a good location through www.bookings.com, but you never really know until you get there if it is ok or not.  We were very happy  -  we had 4 seperate beds in 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Hooray for the bathrooms:-)  4 girls and one bathroom does not work very well at all.
Bev, Penny, Marilyn

How about this double perfect Rainbow.  Has to be a good sign
 Sydney, being my home town, is a wonderful place to explore and took my friends to a few special places.
This is Marilyn on one of the staircases in the Queen Victoria Building
This building is amazing.  When I was a teenager in the late 1960's working in the city, this building was ready to be demolished.  Unbelievable, but true.  It is now the most outstanding shopping/eating/picture taking spot in Sydney.
 We had a few nice dining experiences.  One night we went to the Spanish end of town, and indulged in sumptuous Tapas.......and many glasses of wine.

We accidentally found this little pub in Annandale while looking for the quilt shop Quiltsmith.  We sat inside from the rain, and this is the view into the back garden.  No, that is not a quilt on the wall!  It is mosaics.  It was so nice, we went back after our shopping to recouperate.

Yes, we did find the shop and they were having a sale.......surprise?  No I knew it was on.  They always do the sale on the same week as the quilt show.  Did we buy anything?   Did we ever!  Some people bought bolts!

I posted mine home.  I was going to post home my dirty clothes, but thought the fabric was heavier.

The parcel arrived today, and I was happy to see it and the goodies inside.

Does anyone know what these horrid looking things are?  they were in jars in the Chinese shop next to our hotel.  I am not going to say what they looked like, but they were grey and hard.  Any ideas?


  1. I'm with your husband on the Smartphone thing but I'm afraid that may have to change soon. I guess we all have to keep up with technology sometime. I'm glad your computer set up is going well. New computer set up is not a happy time in our house! I love your Return to Paradise. It is simply stunning. I love your border choice. Thanks for sharing bits of your trip. As for the Chinese things - well, no comment.

  2. I just saw a close up of your Return to Paradise on Hilda's blog and your quilting is sensational. It wins a ribbon in my book!

  3. Your quilt is so beautiful! Love it.:)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all - and so nice to show your friends the town! I still take photos on my little digi camera and load on the pc - just don't get such good photos on the iphone. Your quilt was just stunning and I have pics on my latest post :) No idea what's in those jars...

  5. Time spent with friends is time well spent! Not to mention good shopping. Your Calico Paradise is beautiful, not only the fabric selections the hand quilting too.