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Sunday, February 22, 2015

hot! hot! hot!

I am so glad that I made this block, and created the pattern a few days ago.  I doubt  I could do it today,  It is SOOOOO hot here!  Yes, I know you are having snow storms in the Northern Hemisphere, but we are into our 3rd heat wave this summer.  Yesterday and today it is 40C degrees.....that is about 105F.  We are not doing much around here except sitting in the air conditioning, listening to music and have cool drinks and eating fruit.

This block is called "Hearts and Berries".  It is already on the Legend and Lace website, and a few people have already found it!  As before, there is no charge for the pattern, but you have to register as a customer, and you can have the link sent to you in an email.  So, make sure you type in your email address correctly.

Does it look a little tricky with all those circles?  I use Karen Kay Buckley "Perfect Circles" to make them.  They are for sale on the website.  There are 15 different sizes in the pack, and 4 of each.....60 circles in total.  Have a look at Karen's Youtube video, and you will see how easy it is.

Once we get to back to normal weather......which is suppose to be tomorrow (Yipee!) then I will write a little more about things that are happening.


  1. what a great looking block! Hope it cools off soon

    1. We had a cool change overnight. Such a relief!

  2. An interesting design. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I have used the Perfect Circles many times.

  3. I love this block, so glad you drafted the pattern, I've got a few people in my appliqued group following along.

  4. What a fun block!
    I'm just curious, is it humid there too?

  5. Love those circles! I'm sorry for your heat. It has been cold here in Maine this winter but I'll take that any day over heat and humidity! We actually got above freezing yesterday for the first time this month so we had a Maine cookout in the snow! Stay cool and enjoy the day.

  6. Another beautiful block and I love the way you have used the fabric on the berries - with lighter ones at the ends of the bunches! Do hope the heat eases soon - stay cool.

  7. Great block, I have no idea how you deal with temperatures so high, and still sew. I would be a limp rag.