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Monday, July 30, 2012

Playing with UFO's

I must be feeling better, and it is not as if I don't have things I "have to" do, but I started going through my boxes of UFO's today, trying to see what I might actually be able to finish.
These blocks are not actually UFO's, they are swap blocks.  Is that almost the same thing?  Over a 12 month period my quilting group SewJanes swapped these 6" Ohio Star Blocks.  Each month we had to make one block for each member of the group.  I think it was 14 to start with, and one girl decided that she had enough blocks, and not to make any more for her.  So I have a heap of them.  I used some as a border on a Medalion quilt a couple of years ago, and put them aside again.  Basically I decided that I would make a strippy quilt. and found this old purple/grey fabric for the triangles.  They are all attached.  Now I just have to decided on the strippy part.  I want to do red, as there is a little red in the setting fabric.  I have this red and black zig zag fabric.  Not sure it is really long enough, but I expect it won't matter that much if I have to join it some place.  There are 45 blocks in total - so 5 strips of 9 blocks is still a pretty big quilt.  Maybe I will make a few more and it could be 6 strips of 8........might change that sashing yet.....


  1. What lovely ohio star blocks, and a great setting for them too, I love the strippy setting, so very traditional!!!! Glad to hear you are feeling better!!

  2. Glad you are feeling better! Love your star blocks and love the red strippy fabric - can't wait to see it when it's finished! Gotta love a finish!

  3. Great blocks! I love the brown setting triangles with the red strippy idea. Looks good! Glad you're better. Quilting is the best medicine!