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Sunday, December 11, 2011

At Home

This weekend is about the first for months were I had totally no commitments. I had plans of what I could do with my spare time.  I thought perhaps I could get a little Christmas shopping done; maybe some baking; a little stitching.

Turns out I had my DGD Sklylar overnight.  She is 5 now and has been at school about 6 weeks.  I don't know if it has made much difference to her behaviour, but I seem to be answering more questions, and running about more.  Best way to keep her happy is to keep busy - baking!

 This is how we make cakes - in our underwear.  Easier than trying to clean up later.
 only a grandmother could love this face :-))  I remember fondly cooking with my grandmother.  She taught me lots of things, one being patience.  Not sure is Skylar is ready for that lesson yet
 mmmmm......lovely green cupcakes!  my pink food colour is missing.  Green will look very nice in the lunch box.  I sent them all home - apart from the tested one.
 Hollyhock time again.  I know I brag about them every year, but I never get tired of looking at them.  They are so beautiful.

 Can you see the bee?

This is a whole new crop of them.  The seeds fall to the grown, and they just take root.  I will leave these a little longer, and see if they get through the summer, then move them or pot them.


  1. Ooo, i long for summer again! It's soo strange to see, that on the other side of the planet, hollyhocks are blooming!

  2. Beautiful gardens. My Bird of Paradise is on bloom.
    My new kitchen has flooded so no frig/freezer so baking is delayed.
    Looks like you have the best baking buddy ever ;-)