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Monday, November 21, 2011

Half way there

The plan for this project was one block a day until all twenty were made.  Some how that kind of fell in a hole, as I did not make any at all last week.  So far I have got off to a good start this week, and made 3 blocks today.  I really like digging deep into the scrap boxes, and using the last precious bits of some pinks and greens.  Some of these are really old!  I like taking the photos too, it really gives a different idea of what the finished quilt might look like.

 They are getting pretty easy to make, with the fast cutting and sewing for the half square triangles.  I make piles of colours and sizes on the cutting board and hope that I pick up and sew together in the right order.  Hate unpicking................grr

 I sew them together in 5 sections,  then the 5 strips to form the block.  These are my trusty $3 Ikea scissors.  They cut anything, and I leave them lying about in the sewing room so that anyone can borrow them when I am not looking.  You never know what your good scissors might have been used to cut.
Another one all finished and added to the pile

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  1. These blocks are looking good and it will be a great quilt. Take care.