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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I had this great plan

for my Circuit Blocks.  I made a heap of blocks from the book, and another heap of blocks from other sources, that fit the style.  Nine of the blocks I made into one class sample, and another nine I made into another sample.  My plan, when the classes were done, was to pull apart the samples, add the other other blocks and make it into a 30 block quilt.  Good plan, eh?  I did not recon on Julie M (yes I do know you drop in here from time to time).  I laid all the blocks out and she insisted that I actually need to 36 blocks in total as it needed to be a square quilt.

I guess I really knew it would look better as a square quilt, but I had this feeling that I had finished the applique, and wanted to move on.  No, not until I had made 5 more blocks.
these are all the blocks that did not make it into the sample, just waiting to be put together.

So far this week I have made two blocks.  My plan is to have 4 of the left hand block, which is called "Cornerstone Block" in the book, and put one in each corner.  So I have 2 more of these to make in different colour combos, and one more which is going to be another wreath. Then I think I will be done - but I think I will check with Julie first :-)

We went to the Central Market for lunch today, so I don't have to cook dinner.  On my menu is mango and icecream.  yum - the best thing about summer.


  1. Aah - so the student becomes the teacher!!! You know I am right - you just needed someone to tell you! LOL Julie

  2. This is going to be amazing. Interesting how some of these blocks could fit right into the BTCT.

  3. Gorgeous blocks. I have been wanting to make the Circuit quilt and have the book. I think I'll get started on this for 2012.
    Your work is just gorgeous!