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Monday, October 25, 2010

More garden photos

This would be about the best Spring I can recall for a while.  Might as well enjoy it before the heat hits in summer. 

 Foxgloves - we have not had any luck with these for the last few years.  this year they are doing well

 Daisy the dog!  Exploring and helping me with the weeds - I think that is what she is doing!
this one is just beautifu!

I don;t often remember to pick flowers for the house.  Now that I am not at work I have more time to enjoy them.  How about these cornflowers?  I picked them yesterday - wonder how long they will last inside?

Got to be careful around here.  John just came in and asked me to inspect his weeding.  he can't tell the difference between weeds and flowers - poor love!  At least he asks me now before he pulls them out.  Suppose it saves dramas later for him.  yes, those ones are weeds, and the chooks will love them!

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