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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cherry Tree - Number 13

We are now half way through these lovely blocks!  Must not mention the border - it is a bit scarey.  I chose the colours just as Gay, from Sentimental Stitches,  has done, but did them scrappy instead of all the same fabrics.
Hope I can get another of the Circuit Riders Blocks done this week and perhaps something on the Little Sisters.  No, it is not forgotten, just put aside for a while.


  1. love this block, the colors are perfect in mho!
    1/2 way done thats amazing!

  2. I'm almost finshed Block#1 and have started blcok #2. I have some catching up to do. Love your colors, I've just purchased a few chrome yellows to add into this project so i'ts great to see someone else using it. Very nice!

  3. We've started a group blog to post/chat about Beyond the Cherry Tree. Please stop by and join by sending me an email.