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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Block Number 4

I finally got the final block of my 4 block hand pieced sample done for classes at the Sewing Sanctuary  from February  http://kitsnpieces.com.au/

This block is called "Island Creek Hustler"  -  whatever that means!!  It is from Block Base and there is a little note about it being from a Maine, USA, Periodical called "Hearth and Home".

We will be doing one block a month for 4 months, then the next term it will be applique and hand quilting.  Anyone interested in joining in, please contact Karen Bennett info@kitsnpieces.com.au and she will take your name and give you more information.

In the next few weeks I plan to sash these blocks, and that will probably be in red.....first choice anyway.

I have to have a rest of my hands, arms, shoulders - today I had steroid injections for tendonitis in my elbow, and bursitis (how do you spell it?) in my shoulder.  I am feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself today.

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