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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Red and Green blocks - number 12

I have just completed the LAST of the Red and Green Blocks.  That is 12 of them that you can download by clicking on the image to the right of this page.  They are free for at least one month, and sometimes 2 months- depending on how busy I have been.  After that time, you will be taken to my website, where they are $2.50 each.  That is Aussie $'s, so if you live in another country, it might cost you a lot less.

As yet, I have not decided if I will continue with a new free block programme for next year.  So far, nothing has really taken my interest, but I will keep thinking on it.  I have been trying (as always!) to get a few things finished, but keep getting side tracked by thing that inspire me.

You know the Civil War Brides quilt?  I saw a photo of some blocks made with a dark background, and using Kaffe Fasset type prints.  The blocks were made by Patty Harrants

I have tried to contact Patty to let her know that I have been overwhelmed with how beautiful her blocks are, and that I intend to make similar ones.  So far, I have not heard back, but I will show you photos of mine so far.  I have done mine with hand needle-turn applique, and Patty made hers with machine applique.  I am totally sucked in with these blocks now.  I am using the book "A Bountiful
Life"by Karen Mowrey.   I have had the book for ages, but never intended to make the quilt....until now!

Image result for a bountiful life quilt

Anyway, these are a couple of my blocks.  So far I have made 2, and part finished another one, and have one drawn up to go next.

I had a very small stash of Kaffe type fabrics, and have been asking my friends for donations, and going to the quilt shops (of course) and buying 25cm strips to add to the stash.  In time I hope to have enough to make all the blocks I need.

You probably know that I use Back Basting for my applique, and people ask me how I cope with a dark background like this one.  I say "use a light box" as you will be surprised at what you can see through it.  I am also using a white gel pen to draw the design on the fabrics.  It stays there, does not rub out, and does not damage your fabrics.  Not the "iron out"kind as I want it to stay for the duration.  I use the type you buy at the stationary shops.  They are only a couple of $'s.

I hope some of you might join me in this new project.


  1. Wendy tengo este libro y todas las telas preparadas
    esperando su tiempo para la costura

  2. I am working on the same quilt and using batiks with a Michael Miller Krystal as a background. I am doing traditional needle turn applique.

  3. Delicious! Absolutely edible. I love these colors. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in the reproduction world. You have tempted me to step outside of my box!

    1. I found it a bit hard with colours at time, as I have to choose those that contrast with the background. Careful with blues and greens. Only the ÿellow"greens work ok

  4. What a difference he dark background makes.

  5. I love your ground fabric! I'd be happy to send you some Kaffe. I made all the blocks in traditional reproduction fabrics and fizzled out at the border.
    Yours are beautiful.

  6. Thank you so much for 'Red and Green Again'. I haven't started it yet, but I've been saving all the patterns.