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Friday, December 18, 2015

The Birdy keeps flying

 Despite the heat in this part of the world, I have managed to get the centre of my latest project completed.  We usually do not get such hot weather until January, or February.  So far with have broken all the December records for the heat.  Today is 42c....which is about 110F.  HOT!

 The flowers are all appliqued by needle-turn.  I just cut the flower out, and left a small turn under.
 The original quilt was done using a blanket stitch
 I used 3 of the flowers all from the same piece of fabric.  Instead of appliquing stems for the flowers, I used Valdani perle 8 thread and did small chain stitch.

 Unfortunately, I ended up with a lot of wasted fabrics.  Hopefully I can find another project to use this on.

The photo of the original quilt is HERE.  Next job is sorting through the large assortment of borders to choose the right combination.  I am sure just the right ones are in the offering.

I have been going to swimming classes during November and December.  I did learn to swim as a child, like every other child in Australia, but needed an update.  Skylar and I go and swim laps together.  We have a fabulous indoor aquatic centre very close to us, so we are very lucky.  I have never been keen on the beach, and think that is mainly because of my fair skin, and aversion to being out in the hot sun.

So, now I have one week to get ready to Christmas.  It is going to be very hot again, so we will be having cold food, inside my cool house (I hope).


  1. I'm in the Northern Hemisphere and I forget that those in the south are having summer now. We've had unusually warm weather here (in the midwest) but other parts of the US are experiencing lots of cold and snowy weather. It's great that you have an indoor pool nearby.

    I love the photo of you and your granddaughter. I imagine if you compared a photo of you at her age you would look like twins. I can see the family resemblance even with the age difference.

    Stay cool and I wish you a Merry Christmas!

    Nancy (ndmessier @ aol.com)

    1. A lot of people have commented on our resemblance, but I think it is just the angle. she is very much like her mother.
      We woke today to the rain on the roof. So nice and cool

  2. Oh the quilt is coming along beautifully. So inspiring. So sorry for the heat. It has been unseasonably warm all over the US this year too. We had 8" of snow last year on this date (in Maine) and today it is 42F - no snow today! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Wendy espero que no pases mucho calor,
    yo no aguanto nada el sol ¡¡no me gusta !!
    en España tenemos un otoño inusual hoy 20º de media no es normal
    buen fin de semana

  4. Beautiful broderie perse - looking very elegant!
    Stay cool - that is just way too hot :(

  5. Love your broderie perse! That is a great quilt to copy...have the book and will look it up. Our weather here is weird for this time of year.....much warmer than "normal" and no snow for Christmas this year.