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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mary Mannakee patterns

The Mary Mannakee patterns arrived today from the DAR Museum Shop.  They arrived so quickly after a few hiccups getting there.   The patterns are not on the online shop. It was not real easy to find someone to email.  I searched all over the website, and finally found a weeny little link way down the bottom of one page.  My enquiry was anwered by my "new best friend" Beverley who is the Museum Shop Manager.

  The only way you can get them is to ring the shop with a credit card.  I had to work out the time difference to do this.  Once I got past that hurdle and got up with the birds, I spoke with Beverley and it just all happened very quickly.  If you are in that part of the world, you must go into the museum as they are having a wonderful exhibition Eye on Elegance:Early Quilts of Maryland and Virginia.  And say hello to Beverley and send her my regards.

Now, we are all ready to start the classes at Hettie's Patch.  We will be there on the 1st Saturday 3rd Thursday of the month - starting 15th January.  Please ring the shop on (08) 8346 0548 to book your spot.

It is Soooooo hot here in South Australia right now.  At this moment it is 41c, which is way over 100F.  We have bush fires all around the country.  We are hoping for a cool change and some rain later today.  So lets hope so for those poor people fighting the fires.


  1. Oh, I'd like to book a spot right now but I'm afraid the commute from Maine would be a doozie. Have fun!

  2. Glad you were able to get your patterns - and oh...what fun you will have! Wish we could send a little of our cold weather to you - today the high temperature is supposed to be -4 F...yes...below zero. And the wind chill factor is -30! And, the sad news...this is the one day that I have to leave my warm and cozy house!