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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just made it in time

Rolling Star block
How quickly did the 15th of the month roll around?  It was just Christmas, then New Year, and now we are mid-way through January.  I thought I had heaps of time to get this pattern complete and on the website.  Suddenly I had a sewing day on Saturday (that was nice) then my grand-daughter Skylar came to visit, and that turned into 2 days, then John got sick and we had a visit to the doc today.  It is not like I had to sew the block, or anything really hard, but I did have to turn it into a PDF and upload the whole thing.

So this month we have a nice easy block for the Pieces of the Past, only 2 shapes plus the background corners.  Bet you can have it done before you go to bed tonight!

I have been getting lots of work done on my new medallion quilt and have been playing with border fabrics.  I will give you a little look.

I REALLY really wanted to use this red fabric.  I have had 3 metres of it in my cupboard for about 3 years, and I bought it because I love it.  As yet I have not found the right use for it.  Ok, so this is the time!!  Yeah!  No, I have been talked out of it by my lovely artistic friends, and they are right.  I am going to use the less "in your face" but subtle green.  The red goes back in the cupboard for the "just Perfect" project when it comes along.  BTW, these pieced borders take no time at all.  If you want to come to one of my hand piecing workshops, please get in touch.

From February I will be back doing my usual 1st Saturday of the month "sit n sew" at Hettie's Patch, on Port Rd, Hindmash.  Now, a new one, I will be at Sewing Sanctuary at Aldinga, on the 3rd Saturday of the month starting in February.  Please contact me Wendy@Legendandlace.com, or either of the shops for further details.

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  1. I just love the look of the Rolling Star block, so much so I have just bought the 1st block in the BOM Pieces of the Past. thank you!